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Brakes & suspension in Beenleigh

Safety first

We know you’re on the road a lot, but have you ever considered your safety beyond buckling your seatbelt? 

The safety of a driver revolves around three main factors – Tyres, shocks and brakes. All three are important for their own obvious reasons. Tyres are typically changed on a regular basis, but would you leave the other two up to chance?
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Stay safe. Check your brakes.


Brakes are of the utmost importance in vehicle safety. Every driver is reminded just how important they are when they are forced to stop quickly to avoid rear-ending the car ahead of them. 

We care about the safety of our customers, that’s why we offer free safety checks on brakes. That’s right, I said free. After our check, our team will advise you of any maintenance or repairs needed to keep your brakes in working order.


Suspension is a vital component to your safety while driving. In fact, research shows one worn shock absorber can add 2.6 meters to the stopping distance of your vehicle. We’ve all been in a near-accident while driving. That 2.6 meters could be the difference between a near-miss and a collision. 

Worn suspension components are difficult for a driver to detect. That’s why we offer free suspension checks. 

Just as with our brake checks, a member of our team will examine your suspension and advise you of any maintenance or repairs needed.
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