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Both exhaust systems and mufflers keep your vehicle low in decibels and low in emissions. Help save the environment and your eardrums; let our team of experts take a look at your exhaust system.
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Standard exhaust replacement

Our team has specialised in exhaust systems for over 30 years. As a service to our customers, we offer exhaust system inspections completely free of charge. Once we have taken a look at your vehicle we will run through all the repair and replacement options with you. 

We offer performance mufflers in three basic configurations: straight through or mega flow design, chambered design or reverse flow systems. Our experts will help you decide on the best muffler to meet your needs.

Straight through

This design gives the lowest amount of back pressure, but still does a great job at keeping the decibels down. Sound waves are caught in dense stainless or fibre glass wool through large perforations in the central tube. It’s an efficient way to quiet the exhaust noise while not effecting gas flow.
straight through
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This is the original performance muffler configuration. It has a large echo chamber in the middle of which allows sound waves to expand into a deeper, throatier sound.

Reverse flow

This is the quietest of the three types of muffler. In reverse flow or turbo mufflers, tubing snakes around the inside of the housing. Soundwaves turn back on themselves and cancel each other out. Stainless or fibre wool also helps quiet the sound.
Honesty and transparency is our number one priority, that’s why we offer quotes for all our repair jobs. Never pay more than needed. Come in for your free inspection and we’ll get you back on the road fast.
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